Lose 10kgs in 2 weeks at home

These are high intense fullbody body weight workouts. You don’t need any equipment to finish the workout. Each and every workout will challange you and improve your stamina. This programme will let you to improve your metabolism naturally. At the end of the workout you will be burning calories all day.

This programme contains 13 extreme fat burning exercise you can finish one set in only 9 minute.

  • Week one: finish 2 sets every day.
  • Week two: finish 3 sets everyday.

No rest between this programme. You can burn almost 1 kg per day. Burn every last pound of fats like a pro. Enjoy the programme.

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  • Jumping jacks (30s)
  • Wall sit(30s)
  • Pushups (30s)
  • Abdominal crunch (30s)
  • Step up on a chair (30s)
  • Squats (30s)
  • Tricep dip onto a chair (30s)
  • Plank (30s)
  • High knees running in place (30s)
  • Lunges (30s)
  • Pushups and rotation (30s)
  • Left side plank (30s)
  • Right side plank (30s)

Take 10s rest between every exercise
Results may very by + or – 2 to 3 kgs depending on your diet and metabolism rate.

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Feel the defference at the end of each day.