4 Reasons not to skip breakfast

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  1. People’s metabolisms are more active after the morning meal.
  2. Researchers discovered that on average people who ate a big breakfast eat less during the day.
  3. Eating high-calorie breakfast linked to lower hunger pagans and sweet cravings throughout the day.
  4. Skipping breakfast slows metabolism and cause cravings.

In moderate lifestyles, it has become much harder for us to spend time on cooking and preparing our meals. Especially in the morning almost everyone doesn’t have time to do anything except preparing our selfies for work. Do you know that according to The NPD group report 31 million U.S consumers skip breakfast.No wonder!!!!, Over 71 million adults in the U.S are obese( 35 million men and 35 million women ). Situation is getting worst. At the end of this article you can make a choice, whether you will eat your breakfast or continue skipping it. Keep reading,

How eating a big breakfast can affect weight lose

People’s metabolisms are more active after breakfast. After a researcher of 3 days with 16 men who alternated eating low-calorie breakfast and high-calorie dinner. Then DIT ( Diet-Induced- Thermogenesis) a measure of how well the body is metabolizing food, was tracked in the participation as was overall hunger, blood glucose levels, and cravings for sweets. The researchers found that on average the participant’s DIT was 2.5 times higher after the breakfast versus after the dinner, It shows that people’s metabolisms are more active after their morning meal.

Another benefit is if you eat high-calorie breakfast you will not feel hunger much whole day, meaning if you’re in a fat loss diet it’s a smart move to eat a lot of calories in your breakfast. That way you will not crave surgery foods that can ruin your diet.

From the other side if you eat less calorie breakfast or is you simply skip the breakfast you will more likely to cause snacking throughout the day. And according to the researchers people who eat smaller breakfast tend to eat larger meals at dinner.

People’s insulin (a hormone that helps turn food into energy) and blood glucose (witch used for energy ) were also lower after breakfast compared with after dinner.

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Skipping breakfast

If your a person who skip the breakfast you are more likely to gain fat. skipping breakfast can slow down your metabolism and cause craving throughout the day.

People who eat less for the breakfast often snack more and over eat later in the day making it hard for them to control their calorie intake. They are more likely to be obese .

people are more insulin sensitive in the morning witch means our bodies need to produce less insulin to control blood glucose levels.

The reason why you never lose fat?

Eating breakfast

The bottom line is eating your bigger meals earlier in the day especially if your looking to weight loss you can benefit.

metabolic rates slow down at night. Eating high-calorie breakfast can kick start our metabolic levels back and burn it off for the fuel.

what to eat ?

If your looking for weight loss eating a well-balanced diet is impotent. Try to eat a high protein diet. Eat at least 30g of protein for breakfast. Avoid all surgery foods and processed foods. those will absorb to your blood quickly and can spike your insulin levels. Eat natural whole foods to fill your calories. (including eggs, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal,…..)


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