Female Muscle building

Squats and lunges are great exercises for glutes. It will let you lift heavy than other exercises. But they are compound movements meaning they will work on more muscles than your glutes. Okey lets check out the best 9 home Glute workout.

Can you lose weight while building your glute?

So today I’m gonna shear with you glutes isolated workouts for the maximum growth. Glutes isolation is the key to grow your bun faster.

Try to do these workouts at least 2 days a week and you can use bands to make your workout more intense and grow your buns much faster.

This workout plan gonna be 3 supersets with bands and 2 supersets with body weight. In this workout I’m using SKLZ mini bands its comes with 3 different levels easy, medium and hard.

If you like to try them. You can perches in amazon by clicking this link https://amzn.to/2R4fDIh

If you don’t have bands don’t worry you still can finish the workouts at home without these bands.

Lets move on to our first Glute workout side kicks.

  • Triset 01
  • Side kicks : left and right
  • 3 sets ×10 reps in each legs

Starting with a triset do 10 kicks in each leg. Hold on to a chair, wall or something that makes you stable during the workout.

Then move on to kick backs.

  • Triset 01
  • Kick backs
  • 3 sets × 10 reps

This is prettymuch same as the first one. Hold on to something make you stable during the workout. And do 10 reps in one leg. Before you move on to other side do 4 kickbacks with pluses.

  • Triset 01
  • Kick back with pluses
  • 3 sets×4 with pluses

Then move on to next exercise.

  • Note: When you’re doing every Glute workout in this workout plan focus on squeezing your glutes as tight as you can to feel the burn🔥.

Next Glute workout is isolated upward lift

  • Superset 01
  • Isolated upward lift
  • 3 sets ×12

Get on the floor and lay upward. Rase your each leg up and squeeze your glutes. Do the same to other leg.

You can use badns if you like to challenge your self.

When your lifting one leg your hips gonna need to come up , but try to keep it law as possible to target the glutes. Finish 12 reps for each legs and repeat for 3 sets.

Then move on to upward lift with both legs.

  • Superset 01
  • Upward lift – both legs
  • 3 sets ×12 reps

Separate your legs. Turn your hels inwards and do on your both legs. This is where your gonna feel the extra burn. Finish 3 sets with 12 reps.

Next Supperset is upward lift

  • Supperset 2
  • Upward lift
  • 3 set ×10 reps

This is much different than regular upward lift focus on your feet and keep your toes up during the workout to target more in your hamstrings and your under booty. Do this nice and slow and squeeze your legs as hard as you can.

Without taking a rest move on to isolated upward lift.

  • Supperset 02
  • Isolated upward lift : left & right
  • 3 set × 10 reps

To do this cross your leg over the foot pushing up and keep your foor flat this time. After you did 3 sets in both sides , take a rest fir 2 to 3 minutes.

Then move on to other exercise crab walk. Use your bands to make this more intense.

  • Supperset 3
  • Crab walk
  • 3 sets ×20 reps

If you don’t have a big space to take 20 steps for each leg, do five left and five right and however complete 20 reps for each leg to finish one set . Do 3 set to finish the workout.

Finally finish your workout with squat jumps.

  • Supper set 03
  • Squats jumps
  • 3 sets × 10 reps

If you want to make this more intense and target glutes, even more, do star jumps at the top. And finish your workout.

If you are looking forward to following these Glutes workouts I highly recommend you follow.

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