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Fat Lose

welcome to the 21st century where obesity become normal.In 2013, an estimated 2.1 billion adults were overweight, as compared with 857 million in 1980 Of adults who are overweight. Nowadays the situation is more worst. The main reason is the fast food industry. Comparing to old days fast food industry has become very popular. people are eating fast foods daily for years now and still finding a magic pill to get in shape immediately. Lets find out if we can buy a good pill for fat burn. Before that lets find out how do we actually get fat.

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How do we get fat?

When you eat calories more than your daily calorie requirement your body will store that extra energy in your body. No matter how clean you eat you will gain weight when you eat over your daily calorie requirement,From the other side no matter how bad you you eat (pizza,cheeseburger,ice creams,ext…) you will not gain weight if you are under your calorie requirement. Then whats the problem with fast foods I mention before? The thing is fast foods contains lot of calories while making it less filing . Meaning you will eat lot of calories easily without even noticing , and the calories in fast food won’t give you any nutritional value other than spiking your insulin levels and make you crave for more.

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Find a best fat lose diet for you

Every one is not same , meaning you need to find what works for you best. what works for you is what you enjoy most . If your not enjoying it you will give up soon or you will regain the fats you lost soon. Let’s find out the solution.For this you need to know what’s your daily calorie requirement.

How to find your daily calorie requirement : There are lot of ways to do this. you can simply download a app witch will find it for you . But the problem is most of them will not do it correctly so I’m gonna shear with you very simple and the practical way that I used. Before you jump in to a diet, calculate the how much calories that you are eating currently, and with that measure your weight too. What I want you to do is find how much calories you can eat with out moving the scale (with out increasing or decreasing) .Take a note that calorie count.That is your daily calorie requirement.

What does daily calorie requirement mean? It means how much calories you need to consume for maintain your current physique. Once you found that you need to eat less calories than that. As an example lets say your daily calorie requirement is 2000 calories ,wishknow if your eating 1900 calories you will still be able to burn your fats, or you can rat 500 to 1000 calories for fast fat lost. But if your dropping your calories too fast your more likely to regain the fats you lost, My advice is to drop your calories slowly weekly. The slower your fat lose become better with your body composition. We will talk about it next time. There are lot of diet methods to help you to eat less calories and be full . Keto is one of it I have tried . If your in to keto diet I could find a good offer for you . I will link it down.and remember no mater what your diet is you will lose weight if you eating less than your calorie requirement.find what works for you under a calorie requirement.Good luck for your weight loss journey.

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