Henry William Dalglish Cavill is a British actor. he began his career with roles in the feature adaptations of THE COUNT OF THE MOUNTE CRISTO(2002) and CAPTURE THE CASTEL(2003).

later he gained prominence and international recognition for portraying SUPERMAN in the DC extended universe, STARRING IN MAN OF STEEL(2013), BATMAN VS SUPERMAN-DAWN OF JUSTICE (2016) and JUSTICE LEAGE (2017) he went of to star in the action spy films THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E(2015) and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT (2018). In 2019, he began starring as geralt of rivia in the NETFLIX fantasy drama series THE WITCHER.

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Henry cavil’s workout plan

At first we are going to find out some workouts that HENRY CAVILL used to do for keeping his body in shape. His strength coach is DAVE RIANZI.

NOTE – He used to do fasted cardio first thing in the morning then he start working out in the gym later in the day.


In his workout plan he need to focus on things which would support the level of stunt work that he is doing.

with all the stunt work he is doing the key foundation movement he is going to incorporate is the ROMANIAN DEADLIFT. to strengthen the posterior chain.

HENRY CAVILL is doing for the second negative with this and then a two-second pause at the bottom and then coming back up and contracting the glutes.

And the whole key here is just maximizing the time under tension so he is able to fatigue the muscles more but not overstress his nervous system and his adrenals which help him to have the endurance to di all the stunts without getting injured and to have the neurological capacity to be a great partner to his show owner.


He is doing four-second negative with this and then a two-second pause at the bottom and then coming back up and contracting the glutes. This will help him to activate his glutes medius and really keeping the glutes activated and fired whole time.

So the next exercise in this workout plan is the HYPEREXTENSION. He is actually doing this on a glute hamstring machine. Which is going to be more challenging than a traditional hyperextension machine. what he is focusing on here s isolation.

Really contracting the glutes at the top and holding each rep for 2 second. He is really continuing the conversation of making sure the posterior chain is as strong as possible.

When its comes to the posterior chain the kind of stunts he has to do especially when its pirouettes with swords, anything which is based upon one leg movement where a knee can have a bad injury if he doesn’t have those good medials engaged or the posterior chain these exercises are what saves HENRY CAVILL .


And the focus here is again on isolating the posterior chain, really activating the glutes and lower back. He is performing the repetitions by pausing at the top for 2 seconds squeezing and engaging those glutes and then his hands are behind his head which actually makes the movement even more challenging.


Another key to HENRY CAVILL training here is really focusing on core strengths so this movement he is doing here is on OBLIQUE STATIC HOLD. And what he is doing here he is extending hid own arms, he is holding in his core tight and basically what this is allowing him to do is activate the transverse abdominals and the obliques at the same time. He is also keeping his glutes engaged by extending his arms out and then inward he is making the movement even more challenging.


And with this especially this helps with one, endurance when he has to do a fight scenes for a long time with swords. If he is using a real sword real weighted sword, It’s very heavy and requires a lot of endurance to do the moves safely and perfectly each time. And also allows for nice explosive movement which is very typical for the witcher.



For the witcher, HENRY CAVILL needs to do a lot of sword fighting. So with the sword fighting the key for training is to really focus on shoulders, and making sure that they are strong and then also that muscular endurance is there for shoulders.

This movement here is a variation of side laterals and front raises. So each repetition is actually three repetitions.

He is starting out with traditional side laterals for the first rep and then he is coming to a little further forward for the next one and then doing a traditional front raise for the next one. So this allows targeting the medial deltoid and anterior deltoid in one movement.

This really helps Henry with the sword fighting aspect. swords are typically very heavy and when he is using for the whole day long for a long period of time it really does help to have muscular endurance in the shoulders and the shoulders and the strength to be able to move in explosive movements and also control. Because of film fighting. He is not going through for kill strikes he has to pull the blow at the last second . But he has to keep that speed up between the striking moment and the stopping moment to make it look realistic and so the extra strength and endurance in the shoulders really helps with that.



So next exercise is going to be a dumbell curl althernating from a static hold.

for the sword working in particular again its what this really helps with his forearms. That constant time under pressure. can help him withholding a heavy sword for the whole day long for a long period of time.

This exersise alow him to keep the bicep under tension for longer period of time.

This exercise allows him t keep the bicep under tension for a longer period of time and to get more activation out of the forearms and then also continue working on that muscular endurance that is so important for his role.

Okey, everyone those are the workouts that he like to shear with us.

This is not really an organized workout plan but you can use these movements in your workout plan to complete your workout plan.

I have been using these movements in my workout plan and those movements are amazing you can feel the burn during the workout .your workout will be supper intense if you could add this to your workout. so what are you waiting for give it a shot?

And to build like Henry cavil it’s not enough to work out like him you need to be eating like him too.

Can you build muscles and lose fat at the same time?

Henry cavil’s diet plan

I’m about to shear with you full day of eating in HENRY CAVILL diet plan. This is the diet plan that he follows for his role in supper man and witcher.

This is going to contain 3574 calories, coming from 6 clean meals that are absolutely massive nutritions.

Meal 01

This is going to be Henry cavil’s breakfast. He starts his day with 5 eggs whites with 2 whole large eggs . one apple, half cup of oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Meal 02

Meal 02 is his lunch. It’s going to be boneless, skinless chicken Brest 6 oz (cooked). One cup of steamed broccoli and 1cup of white rice.

Meal 03

This is going to be Henry Cavil’s per-workout meal. And this is going to be one gluten free multigrain bread with six ounces of tuna one banana and one scoop of whey protein powder.

Meal 04

This is the post-workout meal and this is going to be one gluten-free tortilla with six ounces of cooked boneless skinless chicken breast with a half cup of shredded lettuce and half a cup of diced tomatoes.

Meal 05

This is going to be Henry cavil’s muscle-building shake which s going to contains one cup of 2% milk, one cup of oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a scoop of whey protein powder.

Meal 06

This is the one and fainal meal in Henry Cavil’s diet which is going to be meal number six.

This meal includes one cup of cottage chees with two once of almonds at the top.

With Dannan light and fit double the protein strawberry flavored greek yogurt.

Okey now Henry cavil’s diet plan is going to consist of 3574 calories. Coming from 320g of carbs 123g of fats and 307 grams of proteins.

  • Total calories- 3574 cal
  • carbs – 320g
  • fats – 123g
  • protein – 307g

Okay, here you have it now. Henry cavil’s diet plan and workout routine that he follows for his roles in SUPERMAN and WITCHER.

The best diet plan for weight lose.

Please note you need to follow your own personalized carbohydrate-protein and fat intake along with being on the right weight training program and following the cardio routine.

To be the best you can be.