Does masturbation Kill your gains?


Some people say that they could experience lots of benefits after they stopped masturbation, does masturbation kill your gains?

At this point, you might know how testosterone helps our gains. for those who are not familiar with testosterone, testosterone is an androgenic hormone that plays a huge role of male characteristic in the body. with the high level of blood testosterone, your body able to build muscles through muscle protein synthesis after a stimulating workout both men and women have testosterone but men have 15 times more testosterone levels in their bodies. According to some studies on the internet musturbation, will causes your testosterone level to deflate. Meaning your gains will be softening too.

what will happen right after you did masturbation ?

The very clear change after masturbation is the 20 minutes boost in the hormone of prolactin and dopamine levels will decrease. High blood prolactin concentration interferes with the function of the testicles, the production of testosterone and sperm production.

Low testosterone causes decreased energy, sex drive, muscles mass, and strength. But these changes are last only for a short amount of time.

Also, heart rates stay elevate a few hours after orgasm and heart rate stays even higher on subjects who workout after orgasm vs working out without orgasm. However, studies show that masturbation has no improvements in exercise performance.

What will happen if you stopped masturbation?

Well, there are some studies on short term abstinence. one studies show that subjects who stayed 7 days without masturbating could see significant increase of blood testosterone levels, but those levels decrease to the normal levels sometimes lower than normal levels after.

Another study shows that holding your self without doing anything for 3 weeks can help you to increase your blood testosterone levels comparing to not waiting at all.

It means abstinence can help you to keep your testosterone levels much higher. If you could increase your body testosterone levels it can help you with muscle building.

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Even the abstinence shows some increase in testosterone according to studies masturbation and orgasm isn’t going to affect on your gains that much.

Can you build muscles while losing fats?

Apart from those who studies, there are a lot of people trying nofap aka avoiding masturbation for a period of time to get some benefits for different purposes.

They hold themself for like 3 weeks or 3 months to get benefits. commonly they are claiming some benefits such as high energy levels, they are telling they started to feel more energized after 2 weeks of no fap . and they are telling they could wake up early naturally without an alarm clock and most of them started working out in the morning and they claimed they feel more motivated and feel more motivated and feel good about themself.

There are a lot of successful stories who knew no fap can change their life such as Steve jobs, Mike Tyson,Isec newton,50 Cent, list goes on and on. It had a huge impact on their life maybe no fap will have a huge impact on your life too. you need to try it for yourself to see if its actually work on you. it will never be easy at the first step but you will be fine with it later. good luck.