How to do Trikonasana for healthy

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Everyone loves to be healthy in their life and it is also very important to stay healthy in life. we discuss trikonasana.

Many people have a lot of problems, many people are always in depression, some have problems with their results, some have problems in their relations, some have problems in the family.

If you want to be healthy always, then you have to exercise. People have become so busy earning money that they do not pay attention to their health.

I will tell you about such a posture by which you can always be healthy and can always be happy in your life. Being happy is also a way of exercising.

You must have seen that a lot of new diseases keep coming up, recently there has been a lot of diseases from which the whole world is fighting.

If you are also troubled by your obesity or you are troubled by depression, do you have a big problem then you can solve it? You know there is a saying that every problem is solved. you know there are many asanas like Vajarasna.


We are also called Triangle Pose. Although there is a lot of pose in this, but I will explain it to you in a good way. This is a very important thing which you must do in your life to be healthy.

How to do Trikonasana

Which is the biggest problem in doing posture because people do not know well about it.I will tell you step by step all the ways you can follow while doing.

  • First, you put a distance of about one and a half feet between the two legs.
  • After that, you stand up.
  • Then with both of your hands open on the shoulders.
  • Then take your breath in front of you and place your left hand on the ground near the left toes.
  • Then take your hand near the heel and lift the torrent upwards and keep the neck right and rotating.
  • Then while exhaling, come to the situation and do the same exercise from the other side as well.

You have to do this 4 to 5 times daily, remember that you do it in the morning because doing yoga in the morning is considered very beneficial. In this way, you can do the asana.

What is the benifits of Trikonasana

You cannot tell all the benefits in one article, but if you implement this in your life, then you will see a change in your body.

  • Legs improve the strength of the chest and all body parts.
  • Solves this problem if you have a problem related to digitization.
  • If you have pain in your body, it also cures that pain.
  • Enhances your thinking ability If your mind is weak then you should do this asana.
  • Improves blood circulation.

This is the problem of every man, Trikonasana should be done by every person in his life.If you do this continuously for 3 months in your life, then you will always be healthy physically and mentally.

If you are female or male, then you have to take care of some things if you do asanas. If you have a neck injury or your neck hurts, then you should avoid this trikonasana. If you have diarrhea that your blood pressure is too low, then you should avoid it.


In this article, we have to know about Trikonasana. You have been given complete information about it. If you have any question related to this, then you can ask us in the comment.

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