How to lose weight by Vajrasana

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Have you been troubled by obesity? I have seen many people that they live in extreme trouble due to obesity. Vajrasana is the best way to lose weight.

Obesity is a very big problem for people, although this problem is very much in the foreign country like America.

There are many people who are taking medicine to reduce their obesity and there are also many people who are dieting. Both of these ways to reduce obesity are not right for your health.

Many times, some people ask me that in which way we can reduce our weight that too at home.

By the way, there are many ways by which you can reduce your weight. But the way people tell you as if you are hungry, if you take this medicine, it all makes your body worse. Do not do all these prescriptions.

Obesity is a problem right from childhood and many people become fat by staying at home

How to lose weight by Vajrasana

You will not have any kind of problem with the method you will find in this article. Rather it will keep you fully fit. I will tell you something about Asana, due to which you can reduce your obesity, that too within 3 months. Asana is very beneficial and I have also overcome many of my problems with posture.


Another pose for Vajrasana is the Diamond pose. We call it the base of all Asana. It is a Sanskrit word. This is also very easy to do. There is no need to flex your body much to do this VajrAsana.

How to do Vajrasana

So you can easily do Vajrasana. I am telling you some ways. You can also do this in your home. But you would do well in the morning. Before performing Vajrasana you will have to warm up late.

  • You bend both your legs, keep in mind that while turning the legs, keep under your buttock in such a way that the feet are outward and the claws are attached to the hip.
  • Make sure that your toes are connected to each other.
  • Keep the waist and your head straight.
  • Your knees should be adjacent to each other.
  • Keep your hands on your knees.

You have to do this posture for 10 to 15 minutes every day, you will see that your weight will start to decrease, you will see a change in yourself. Along with this, pay attention to your food too.If you eat fast food more then you will have to reduce it a lot.

What is the Benifits of Vajrasana

Let me tell you about some other benefits also, if you have any other problem then that problem goes away if you do asanas.

  • If you have the problem of digestion. Then it eliminates the problem Vajrasana.
  • It greatly improves your blood circulation.
  • Increases your ability.
  • Always keeps the body in fitness.
  • Always keeps your mind calm and enhances the ability to think positively.

Man, which is a benefit, if you have any problem in this, then you can solve all the problems by doing Vajrasana.

If you have a knee problem. If you have just undergone surgery, then avoid Vajrasana. If you have any kind of problem in the spinal, then avoid this Vajrasana from you.


By now you must have understood that in which way we can reduce your weight without medicine and without diet, you will have to work a little bit for it, you can reduce your weight within 3 months. Recently We Discuss Sarvangasana.

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