4 weeks of Weight loss program at home

Weight lose
Fat Lose

These are high intense full-body bodyweight workouts. You don’t need any equipment to finish the workout. Each and every workout will challenge you and improve your stamina. This program will let you improve your metabolism naturally. At the end of the workout, you will be burning calories all day. Within 4 weeks, you can achieve your Weight loss goals at home

This programme contains 13 extreme fat burning exercise you can finish one set in only 9 minute.

  • Week one: finish 2 sets every day.
  • Week two: finish 3 sets everyday.

No rest between this programme. You can burn almost 1 kg per day. Burn every last pound of fats like a pro. Enjoy the programme.

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  • Jumping jacks (30s)
  • Wall sit(30s)
  • Pushups (30s)
  • Abdominal crunch (30s)
  • Step up on a chair (30s)
  • Squats (30s)
  • Tricep dip onto a chair (30s)
  • Plank (30s)
  • High knees running in place (30s)
  • Lunges (30s)
  • Pushups and rotation (30s)
  • Left side plank (30s)
  • Right side plank (30s)

Take 10s rest between every exercise
Results may very by + or – 2 to 3 kgs depending on your diet and metabolism rate.

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Feel the difference at the end of each day.

Weight loss diet

You need to eat less calories than you spend during the day.

For this, you need to find daily calorie requirement for your body .

There are a lot of tools to help you do just that, you can simply enter a few pieces of information like height and weight then Boom, They will calculate your daily calorie requirement.

But there is a problem, everyone is so unique. If one thing works for others t doesn’t mean that will work for you too.so most of the times you cant get the most of these apps.

To fix these issues you need to eat like you normally do for a while and find the spot where your scale doesn’t move.

Then you need to calculate those calories that you consume normally then you can start this program by eating less than your number.


Eat a high protein diet

A study in Canada had obese subjects follow a four-week training program, They trained six days a week.

They were in a calorie deficit diet they are young male obese subjects.

They split them up to two groups one group consumed the high protein diet ( one gram per body weight).

The other group consumed the lower or normal protein diet around half a gram pound of body weight.

What do they find at the end of the study?

They found that the group consuming more protein lost more body fat.

The group consuming a higher amount of protein lost around 11 pounds of body fat.

The other group also lost around 7 pounds just because they eat less.

However, the group consuming more protein had a significantly greater loss of body fat.

Plus the group getting more protein gained muscle their pound of muscle, even they stay in a caloric deficit.

The group getting lower protein gained no muscle at all.

So you should be focus on eating a high protein diet during this program.


Drinking water can give you a lot of benefits especially if you are looking to lose fat.

  • One small study in older adults found that drinking water with break fat decreased calorie intake by approximately 13%.
  • Another study showed that drinking water temporarily increased metabolism by 24%.
  • Staying hydrated is thought to decrease fluid retention, which prevents bloating and puffiness in your body.


Catching up on sleep is important in general weight loss strategy. cordless drills It may also help you to lose facial fat. lack of sleep can cause an increased level of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that comes with a long list of potential side effects. Including weight gain. According to studies that high cortisol levels can increase appetite and alter metabolism, resulting in increases in fat storage. Quality night sleep can help you with a successful weight loss. Ideally, aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night to aid weight control and fat loss.

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