Stay home and get in shape

Fat Lose

At the time I publish this article the corona virus situation has got much more serious. Sevaral governments have locked down several arias including gyms. Because of that lot of you can’t get to a gym. But it doesn’t mean that you will get out of yiur shape at the end of this. Maybe this is a good opportunity to work on your self. Because now you have extra time to cook your own foods , drink more wate and sleep more. Finally you have got a chance to take care of you . In this kind of a situation its much easier for you to achieve your dreamed body. In this situation you don’t need to spend extra energy for avoiding junk foods , alcohol, smoking and all bad habits.

How to start?

At the first step you need to schedule your day. Do it first thing in the morning. Before you waste your day by doing nothing. Start your day early this way you can get lot of things done in the day including working out. For that you need to get to bed earlier rather than sleep late. In your schedule make time for working out. Find some time you can comfortably work out daytime or night time.

How to workout ?

You are more likely to get fat and out of shape during quarantine. You don’t need to buy equipments to work out at home although you can’t do it at this time there are lot of fat burning exercise that no equipment required. This is a example working out schedule you can follow

  • Run in place (30s)
  • Jumping jacks (50 reps)
  • Mountain climbing (30s)
  • Split squats (10 reps for each legs)
  • Burpees (20reps)

Do this for cople of rounds for like 30 to 45 minutes. These are supper intense and will halp you to burn up to 500 calories a day witch will help you to lose your fats much faster.

How should you eat?

Next thing is you need to focus on your diet. Sure you can’t afford fancy foods in this situation. You don’t need to do that either. For weight lose you need to be eating less calories than you spend in the day . Thats why l told you to stay active and do those super fat burning exercises and now you need to eat less. In this situation even you eat less try to eat lot of proteins in your diet like 80% of your diet should be proteins and try to eat less carbs as you can. Try to fill you with vegetables. Try to avoid sugar in your diet .

And this is a good time to try to fasting. If you have ever thinking to try fasting this is a good time. Fasting is a fastest way to drop some extra fats that you never lose before. Give it a try these days.

And most importantly don’t forget to drink water. Drinking water can help you to lose weight and stay active. It doesn’t have any calories and it will fill you up during the day. Try to drink 3-4 letters of water in the day.

Sleep more

Lastly you need to sleep more. Sleeping can help you to lose weight faster lots of studies shows that sleep extra few hours can help us to lose weight without doing anything. So get the advantage these days. Sleep up to 7 hours to get benefits.

Change your lifestyle

This is the best time for you to change your life style forever. Step by step add some good things to your life . Take a good care of you during quarantine you will look better and feel better after this situation and people around you will notice your defence.

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