The reason why you never lose fat

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You are what you eat.what make you eat is hunger.How do you feel hunger?Do you know the reason why you never lose fat?

when your stomach is empty your brain tells you to eat .But how your brain knows when your stomach is empty? It’s because of hunger hormones. Let’s find out how hunger hormones work in our body then I will give you some tips to control them and get benefits. In this case Ghrelin and leptin play a main role.


Ghrelin is a hormone produced in your stomach .Its sacred when your stomach is empty. Grelin delivers the massge to your brain. The more ghrelin in your blood stream makes you more hungry. At this time your brain thinks your starving. So your craving junk foods.( Tip: if you can prep your foods before you starve it can be beneficial )

Now you have a idea about ghrelin . It is what makes us hungry by sending singnals to brain. Ghrelin levels rise before a meal and decrease shortly after you feel full. If you can have low levels of ghrelin you can be fine with less foods meaning its lot easy for you to lose weight.( If you want to gain weight having high levels can be beneficial)
(study about relationship between obese people and ghrelin )

Obese people have higher levels of ghrelin in their bodies,that make them more hunger and it make them easy for them to eat lot of calories. these levels are rising much higher if they start to follow a weight loss diet. some obese people are more sensitive to ghrelien sometimes even they have less ghrelin levels than a lean person,its still enough make them lot hunger and make them eat more, making them more harder to lose weight. And some researches show that obese people have overly active ghrelin receptor,known as GLTS-R witch will make the situation much worst. the idea is if your fat it’s lot easy for you to get more fats and challenging to lose it,and its so natural to feel hunger more on a fat lose diet.


What is leptin ? leptin is made by adipose tissues (aka fat cells). witch means you need fats to have this hormone. Its secreted into the circulatory system, where its travels to the hypothalamus. Leptin works almost opposite to the ghrelin.leptin tells the hypothalamus that you have enough fat so you can stop eat.

leptien is being a friend to obese people. It’s helps you to increase metabolism, and increasing metabolism is helping you to stay lean and hold muscle mass too. Generally the more fat you have more leptin you make meaning u will eat less.

As you can see leptin and ghrelin together keep helthy appetite levels in our body and also plays a role in controlling body weight.So if you play smart you can achieve the physique your seeking for.

How to control hunger hormones and reduce hunger

You know now reasons why your getting hunger. you need to understand if your looking for weight lose fallowing a diet you will get hungry in the process. It’s totally natural and you know now how its happens.But You can follow some tips to achieve your goals.

Having a good night sleep is a must. Poor sleep will increase your ghrelin levels. So having a 6-8 hours of a night sleep can hep you deal with this.

Increasing muscle mass is another smart way to get over with this. Building muscles not only increase your metabolism,you will have law levels of ghrelin. And now you know having law levels of ghelin can help you with weight lose.

And you need to eat more protein. A high protein diet increase fullness and reduce hunger .And try calories cycling, meaning you will eat high calories in a period and eat less other times. In this case when your having high calorie intake you can reduce ghrelin and increase leptin.

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